At Burrow we do our best to design and manufacture with the planet in mind. Whilst we have a long way to go in our sustainability goals, our product range has been designed and manufactured in the most eco-friendly means available.


Burrow is committed to sourcing all timber used in any of our products from sustainable and environmentally responsible resources. Our supplier holds a full Chain of Custody under the three national and internationally recognised and accredited organisations:
-  Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
-  Australia Forest Certification Scheme (AFS)
-  Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™)
These are the key bodies that promote stewardship of the world’s forests so that you can be confident Burrow’s timber products in your home can be traced back to certified sustainable sources.


We strictly use natural fibres (organic where possible) for all of our fabric. Our teepees are made from 100% duck-canvas, and our cushion slips are either linen or 100% cotton. 


Our bed bases are constructed out of 100% aluminium, chosen specifically for its infinitely recyclable properties. 

Handmade Products: 

Our beds are handmade in India with minimum machinery required. 

Our timber teepee frames are made in Australia and hand cut in Sydney. 

sales and returns:

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